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High Desert Cowboys is a Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) club, one of many clubs worldwide that participate in CAS. If you are interested in trying CAS out please contact us to get started.

What's CAS? Check out this link for more information Getting Started in Cowboy Action Shooting

The High Desert Cowboys are affiliated with the Desert Marksmen Rifle and Pistol Club. Visit

Message from Rusty

Monthly Match - September

WELL, HEY HOWDY THERE BUCKAROOS! This here NOTICE pertains to the goins on with the High Desert Cowboys fer the month of September.

Well, as fate would have it, almost nothing. The September Match has been cancelled due to the National Forest closure in Southern California. Now extended through September 22nd!

However, if any are interested in having lunch with Doc and me over at La Cabana Cantina this Sunday well, be there at noon. We'll be there talking about the good 'ol days we had just this last month! Respond on Facebook or just show up.

With Caution
Rusty Actions
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