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High Desert Cowboys is a Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) club, one of many clubs worldwide that participate in CAS. If you are interested in trying CAS out please contact us to get started.

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Message from Doc

Monthly Match - December

WELL, HEY HOWDY THERE BUCKAROOS! This here’s yer ole pard, Doc Silverhawks, with a reportin of the goins on at our High Desert Cowboys monthly match fer December.

Well, the Holiday Spirit was in the air for our Christmas Match, with absolutely perfect weather to welcome all those who attended. With partly cloudy skies, mild temperatures, and purdy danged near zero wind, yers truly was shocked to see less than 500 shooters using the range that glorious morning! No less than eleven participants, and three or four visitors, turned out to enjoy that beautiful day and to try their hand at five stages of Christmas themed fun. We found ourselves thwarting an attempted Salvation Army, Red Bucket robbery, saving the world form evil Elves, bent on poisoning humanity with Cheapo Egg Nog, and protecting the only gift a High Desert Cowboy could ever get, yes, a Lump Of Coal! Everybody was in very high spirits, all had a great time, and we even got one of our visitors to try their hand at a stage! Once the shootin had stopped and the dust had settled, we wrangled steel and had ourselves a nice little opportunity drawing, that had every shooter taking home some kind of prize. Once we got ourselves all picked up and loaded up, we headed over to our favorite Cantina for a long and leisurely lunch that provided plenty of time for relaxin and ruminatin.

As always, ifen yer interested in Cowboy Action, you’ve just found yerself a great place to get started and, Ifen you just wanna come up and see what all the ruckus is about, you will get all of yer questions answered and you’d be more than welcome. So, here’s to you all, may you have a very Merry Christmas, a great Holiday Season, and a Happy New Year!!!

Yer Pard
Doc Silverhawks
SASS Member #24427