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High Desert Cowboys is a Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) club, one of many clubs worldwide that participate in CAS. If you are interested in trying CAS out please contact us to get started.

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Message from Doc

Monthly Match Report for July

The winds out here this month must have blowed Doc clean out of the territory. I expect the weather will change and we'll have him back soon enough. We missed shooting with Doc this month but had a nice match just the same.

WELL, HEY AND HOWDY ALL YOU BUCKAROOS! Rusty Actions here reportin on the events of our July monthly match.

Let's call it the event that almost didn't happen. We had a few 21st century early birds set up in our usual shooting area and with only tres cowboys on site it were almost called off. Well a few other cowboy stragglers finally made er out for a total of 8. That was enough to get er done. We decided to set up the match on the west berm and have a go. Yep, it was a good call. Southworth Kid did a fine job match directen, kept us all organized and safe.

We had a stranger ride into camp this month. Sure, there was introductions and he will be called Walkero at his request. After assessing his character and determining his intent were to join our group, well we welcomed him in rightly. We completed 4 fine stages and decided to call it before the heat of the day caught us in the middle of wrangling steel. After everything was stowed we all sat a spell and conversated while raffling off a few prizes. Well that weren't enough for some so a few of us headed down to the ol' waterin' hole to continue telligent conversation like they do back east.

And there ya go.

As Doc would say "...ifen yer interested in Cowboy Action, or, ifen you just wanna come up and watch, well, you'd be more than welcome! So until next month, you all take care of yerselves and remember, always Ride Tall, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth."

Yer Pard
Rusty Actions
SASS #94345