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High Desert Cowboys is a Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) club, one of many clubs worldwide that participate in CAS. If you are interested in trying CAS out please contact us to get started.

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Message from Doc

Monthly Match Report for November

WELL, HEY HOWDY THERE BUCKAROOS! This here’s yer ole pard, Doc Silverhawks, with a reporting of the goins on at our Hi Desert Cowboys, monthly match fer November.

Thanksgiving was in the air to be sure with no less than nine shooters turning out to share in a cold and windy November morning. With temps that never made it into the sixties and a wind chill that would grab a body right by the bones, ifen ya know what I mean, we gathered together to shoot five really fun filled stages, that had us delivering our prized herd of Thanksgiving Gobblers, to Stuffington none the less, against all odds. We had to fend off Turkey Rustlers, predacious hawks, and more, all while driving our herd up through Cranberry Narrows and Pluckers Pass. Once we delivered our herd, we used our time off to hunt down the infamous duo, Williams and Sonoma, who claim to have a synthetic turkey gravy that is so good, that it is even better than Mom’s. Once we took care of those two miscreants and destroyed their disgusting gravy recipe, we got caught, because none of the High Desert Cowboys have any experience at breakin the law, stealin a couple of pies from the lovely Marie Callender. Can I tell you that it was one of those matches you just didn’t want to end. This month also saw the return of the infamous Fire Truckee, who had been out fer six months or so, due to health issues. Man were it ever good to see him again. I, fer one, am considering his return as my early Christmas gift.

Well, once the shootin had stopped and the dust had settled, we wrangled steel and had us a nice little opportunity drawing which included a turkey, a ham, and a pair of Cornish game hens. We then headed to our favorite watering hole where we spent a goodly amount of time relaxin and rumunatin.

As always, ifen yer interested in Cowboy Action, or ifen ya just wanna come up and watch, you’d be more than welcome, so until next month, keep warm and dry, and always make sure to ride tall, shoot straight, and speak the truth.

Your Pard
Doc Silverhawks
SASS Regulator #24427